Kadala Thel Dala | Stir fried Chickpeas

The second dish for the Sri Lankan cuisine theme is a popular snack called Kadala Thel Dala which is quite similar to the sundal prepared in Tamil cuisine. One main difference is the addition of onion to this dish which is not usually added to sundal but which makes this a simple yet delicious bowl of snack. Serves 2 Recipe adapted from here WHAT WE … Continue reading Kadala Thel Dala | Stir fried Chickpeas

Roasted Chana Dal

Today is the final day of lentil and bean based protein dishes for this mega marathon. I have recipes for 8 different lentils and beans and varied dishes like a soup, breakfast and main course. Today’s recipe is a simple and quick snack – roasted chana dal / bengal gram. You can have it as is or mix it with some puffed rice and chutneys … Continue reading Roasted Chana Dal