Chocolate Chocochip Bread

I believe I deserve a pat on the back for discovering this dish. It is a chocolate bread with chocochips and raisins and the perfect way to bridge the gap between my need to bake yeast breads and the family’s need to eat sweet. I will be honest here – I am never satisfied with…


Chocochip Cookies

I had to check my blog multiple times to confirm I had not posted this chocochip cookies before. I have made these cookies so many times and everyone who has tasted them has fallen in love. The search for an eggless version is on but sadly I am yet to get such a chewy and…

Butterscotch Blondies

These amazing butterscotch blondies are again from the 500 Cookies Compendium. These are simply amazing in taste with crunch from the walnuts and the richness from the butterscotch and choco chips to top it off. Its to be eaten to be believed. But we had a mini disaster while baking. Everything was going pretty smoothly….