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Spinach and Corn Rice

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We are back to the burning Bangalore weather. It seems hotter now after that lovely week at Kodaikannal and I am yet to get back to the daily routine of cooking, cleaning and generally running after the husband and daughter. Half way through today I remembered that I had no dish for S and I need to come up with something fast. The only thing I had in the refrigerator was spinach and I have never been more thankful that it starts with an S.

I created this spinach rice as I went along and the end result was surprisingly tasty. My first addition to the ingredients was corn because I needed some contrasting colour and I did not have carrots. The classic combination of spinach and corn worked beautifully in this rice. Next I added some garlic because I always add garlic to my spinach dishes. Then while looking for some spices to complement the spinach, I found my bottle of Dukkah that I made a while ago and needed to get done. So I figured it would be a good addition and so in it went and finally I topped it with some red chilly powder and salt and I was done.


Serves 2-3


1 cup Rice

2 1/2-3 cups Spinach, cleaned and chopped

2 tsp Olive oil

2 Garlic cloves

1 tsp Ginger garlic paste (optional)

2 tsp Dukkah / Curry powder / Sambhar powder

2 tbsp Golden corn

1/2-1 tsp Red chilly powder





  • Cook the rice as you normally do and set aside to cool
  • Heat a pan and add olive oil
  • Chop the garlic and add it to the pan
  • Once the garlic turns brown, add the spinach and ginger garlic paste
  • Saute it nicely till it cooks completely
  • In a small vessel, heat some water and cook the corn till done, around 4 minutes
  • Drain and set aside
  • Once the spinach is done, add cooked rice, salt, dukkah, red chilly powder and corn
  • Mix well to combine
  • Let it cook on low heat for 3-4 minutes
  • Serve warm with dal or raita or curry of your choice
  • Enjoy!



  1. You can replace the corn with carrots, peas or soya nuggets
  2. Dukkah can be replaced with curry powder, sambhar powder, garam masala, pav bhaji masala, rajma masala or bisibele bath powder as per the flavour you prefer



This is my post for the Biryani / Pulao / Khichadi festival for the alphabet ‘S’

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  1. I hope the weather cools down and I know it is always hard to get back to the routine after vacation. I love how you came up with a recipe on a whim. Honestly these recipes on a whim works amazing. Good one Sowmya.

  2. I am still surprised to know Bangalore is hot! I won’t have believed had you not mentioned it. Coming to the dish, its wonderful you have spinach handy and came up with such a wonderful choice!

  3. My kids love spinach and corn. They love it on pizza too :). So I am sure this rice will be favored by them. I haven’t tried Dukkah but sounds like a flavorful spice.

  4. Spinach and corn is a classic combo and tastes amazing. I love Dukkah and I am sure this middle eastern herb must have added immense flavour to this rice . Delicious sounding rice !

  5. The rice with spinach and corn sounds yum. Seems like you have become an expert in creating simple and flavorful dishes with the ingredients you have on hand and that too for A to Z themed cooking marathon..

  6. This is how I cook my meal. I just put together everything that is available at that time, so it is quite hard to come up with the same dish again. Your spinach rice with corn and dukkah looks so yum.

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