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Rose and Saffron Pilaf

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As I mentioned before, I was looking for dishes based on ingredients available in my pantry and those I wanted to finish up. So when I reached the alphabet R, I thought of multiple things but nothing worked. Finally in a fit of despair I looked for rose rice and guess what there is an actual dish which has a combination of Rose water and rice with whole spices and dry fruits.

Rose rice or Rose pilaf is a mildly sweet rice and can be amped up with the addition of dry fruits. I did not add dry fruits instead added some saffron to give it a nice colour and flavour and garnished it with dried Rose petals. This Rose rice can be easily paired with a curry of your choice and makes for an interesting meal option for guests.


Serves 1-2


1/2 cup Basmati Rice

1- 2 tsp ghee

3 cardamoms

1″ cinnamon stick

2-3 Cloves

2-3 tsp Sugar

3-4 Saffron strands

2 tsp Milk / Water

2 tsp Rose water

Dried Rose petals to garnish


  • Soak the basmati rice in water for 15 minutes
  • Drain and set aside
  • Add the saffron strands to the milk / water and set aside
  • In a pan, heat the ghee
  • Add the cardamom, cinnamon and cloves
  • After 1 minute on low heat, add the rice, sugar and 1 cup water
  • Cook covered on medium heat for 4-5 minutes
  • When the rice is nearly done, add the saffron and milk and Rose water and mix well
  • Cook on low heat till the rice fully absorbs the water and is completely cooked
  • If needed, add more water to fully cook the rice
  • Garnish with Rose petals
  • Serve warm with a curry of your choice
  • Enjoy!


This is my post for the Biryani / Pulao / Khichadi festival for the alphabet ‘R’


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  1. Rose and saffron Pulao must have been such a flavorful treat!! These have been used since ages in biryanis and pulao and it’s good that you used these two so rightly in a simple pulao recipe .

  2. The pulao looks so rich and flavourful with rose and saffron in one. Love the vibrant colour.

  3. Its is a wonderful thing that you wanted to use up the ingredients you have stocked up. I have so much stocked up all the time but fail to plan for it. I must do that as well. This dish looks so inviting with its bright colour and I am sure it paired up very well! Kudos in finding the right dish you needed!

  4. Glad you found an amazing recipe for R. This rose pilaf sounds quite interesting and I am sure you can use it instead of the regular jeera rice.

  5. Unknowingly you used one of the popular flavoring agents for biryanis that has been used for ages in Persian cuisine. Rose water and saffron must have elevated the simple dish.

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