Stuffed Sourdough Pizza

It is nice to be back to blogging after a month. I had a lovely vacation to Bhopal and Indore. The husband and I aim to visit all UNESCO World heritage sites across the world starting with India. So this time we visited the Sanchi stupa and Bhimbetka caves near Bhopal and some other historical sites near Indore. I would totally recommend these places for … Continue reading Stuffed Sourdough Pizza

Stuffed crust Pizza

The stuffed crust pizza has been on my list forever. It is surprising why I haven’t done this before considering I bake pizzas quite regularly. I always plan to make this but then I get into the unnecessary health mode and run miles from the cheese. That was one of the main reasons I picked this theme of ‘Stuffed Dishes’ for this month’s Blogging Marathon. … Continue reading Stuffed crust Pizza

New year’s eve Pizza with Cauliflower Crust

This will be the final recipe for the year 2017. I will save the disbelief for the year having gone past quickly for another post. I have been wanting to make a pizza for this Bake-a-thon but I never got around it. The main reason was that I happened to visit 3 Italian restaurants in a span of 10 days and if I dared to … Continue reading New year’s eve Pizza with Cauliflower Crust

Amaranth flour Pizza topped with Broccoli

We start the second full week of our mega marathon in which we showcase protein rich dishes. Last week, I posted about lentils and beans. This week I will post about protein rich vegetables. The most popular ones are broccoli, peas and asparagus. Though some vegetables are seen to be higher in protein than others, the protein is it much with vegetables. So I have … Continue reading Amaranth flour Pizza topped with Broccoli

Potato Pizza

My first and only experience of a cheese-less potato topped pizza was more than five years ago with a cousin. When he ordered it, I was very skeptic and doubtful of pizzas without cheese. But I still remember how awesome it tasted and that we ordered another one and took it home for next day’s breakfast. This week, my theme for the Blogging Marathon is … Continue reading Potato Pizza

Homemade Pizza

  My theme for this week’s theme is pretty interesting. I have to cook three recipes from the Top 100 recipes of 2015 from here. The list has so many amazing recipes that it is hard to pick just three. ┬áBut I have been having cheesy cravings for a while now. Don’t ask what’s new! So I decided to pick the Homemade Pizza for the … Continue reading Homemade Pizza

Pizza Cups

I am always looking for guilt free ways to have cheese. This is one of my favorite ones. Minimum all purpose flour and lots of oats and wheat. Plus cheese. Yumm world ahead…. I adapted this recipe from here. I tried the recipe as a pizza itself. It turned out wonderful. Then I also added some ragi flour to the mix and even that was … Continue reading Pizza Cups