Chunky marinara sauce

Chunky Marinara Sauce

The most popular sauce or side for bread is marinara sauce and it works best with everyone’s favorite bread-Pizza! I realised I have not posted about my chunky marinara sauce as yet on my blog and this is as good a time as any to remedy that. It stays good in the refrigerator up to two weeks in an airtight jar. So it serves well … Continue reading Chunky Marinara Sauce

Mango Shrikhand

This mango shrikhand is a lovely side to the varied flatbreads we make. As delicious as breads are, most people don’t like to eat them as is. We need some accompaniment to go with them. Since it is summer a mango side is the need of the hour. I chanced upon some delicious juicy alphonso mangoes this time round. Though we ate up most of … Continue reading Mango Shrikhand

Coconut Tamarind Chutney

The daughter’s school begins tomorrow and I am the nervous wreck. The husband finds it hilarious that she has to face a new environment and people and I am the one stressing. But I guess it goes with the territory. I always thought that the storage in my previous apartment was less but now I realise how much cupboard space I had and I am … Continue reading Coconut Tamarind Chutney


I am sure there has been more than once that I have lamented on this blog about wanting to make Dukkah and missing out on it. So finally this has been accomplished. Dukkah is an exotic spice blend which has a delightful combination of nuts and spices. It is an awesome dip for breads along with olive oil. Why I like this dish? The combination … Continue reading Dukkah

Spicy Honey Dip

When I signed up for this month’s Blogging Marathon and picked this theme of ‘Condiments’, my first plan was to finally make and post the ‘Dukkah’, an Egyptian spice blend that is used as a dip along with with olive oil for bread. But then I swayed towards hung curds and have been immersed in it ever since. I figured I would complete the hung … Continue reading Spicy Honey Dip

Mint & Coriander Dip

Continuing with my hung curd spree, today I am posting a quick mint and coriander dip with hung curd. We celebrated my daughter’s birthday over the weekend which is the reason I was left with some mint & coriander chutney as also a whole load of chips that feature in the photos. So I just mixed the hung curd and chutney to get a creamy … Continue reading Mint & Coriander Dip

Spicy Hung Curd Dip

There are times when I get very hung up on certain dishes and ingredients and keep repeating them so often that the husband and daughter finally do an intervention only for me to get obsessed over the next dish. Now it is the hung cure time. I keep straining the curd in the cheesecloth and then hunt around for a recipe to use it up. … Continue reading Spicy Hung Curd Dip

Flaxseed Molaga Podi

This dish has been on my to do list for the longest, just after baguette, pretzel, malai kofta, kanjeevaram Idli….ok, I clearly have a very lengthy to do list. But this was one of the first dishes I made for this marathon primarily because my regular molaga podi was almost done. At home, the one jar I cannot afford to keep empty is the molaga … Continue reading Flaxseed Molaga Podi

Cashew Cheese

This is the third week of our mega blogging marathon for the theme, Protein Rich Dishes. This week I will be posting recipes of protein rich nuts and seeds. It is amazing as to how protein rich seeds and nuts are and how we can meet our daily protein requirement by including these in our meals. When I picked cashew as one of the ingredients … Continue reading Cashew Cheese