Sweet Corn Soup

There are reasons why some dishes are termed classic. My theory is that they are classic because they are simple to make yet taste like the food for the Gods and can be made by novices like me too. One such is, of course, a sweet corn soup. I have had it countless times in restaurants because it was one of the top three most popular soups along with tomato and spinach. I was tired of tomato soup and spinach to a ten year old me was ughhh. Plus this one is my dad’s favorite and so we used to split one between us like a typical middle class family.

I didn’t realise that it was so simple to make and i never thought this would get the stamp of approval from my husband and daughter. Classic, I tell you! If you have cooked corn readily available then this hardly takes about ten minutes to make which is perfect for a hungry family.

Serves 2

Recipe adapted from here.


Sweet corn                            150 gms

Olive oil                                 2 tsp

Spring onion                        2 tbsp + for garnish

Corn flour                             2 tsp

Water                                     2 tbsp + for grinding corn

Vegetable stock                  2 cups

Salt & Pepper


  • Boil the corn till it is completely cooked. If you are using a corn cob – boil it and then scrap the kernels from the cob. Set aside about 2 tbsp corn kernels
  • Take the remaining kernels and grind them into a smooth paste using little water
  • Heat oil and add the spring onions
  • Fry till the spring onions are transparent
  • Add the corn paste and mix well.
  • Add the vegetable stock and bring it to a boil
  • Simmer and add the whole corn kernels, salt and pepper and cook for 3-4 minutes
  • Mix the corn flour in 2 tbsp water to form a paste
  • Add the paste and simmer for 3-4 minutes or till the soup thickens and the corn flour is cooked
  • Turn off the heat
  • Garnish with spring onions
  • Enjoy!

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