Spicy Honey Dip

When I signed up for this month’s Blogging Marathon and picked this theme of ‘Condiments’, my first plan was to finally make and post the ‘Dukkah’, an Egyptian spice blend that is used as a dip along with with olive oil for bread. But then I swayed towards hung curds and have been immersed in it ever since.

I figured I would complete the hung curd in my fridge as well as a trio of hung curd dips and leave the Dukkah for another day. That also gives me a reason to bake another loaf of bread!

I adapted this recipe from the book, ‘Diva Green’ by Ritu Dalmia which has some fabulous vegetarian recipes written in a simple style. I didn’t have Tabasco sauce and red chillies and so they were substituted. Also I played around with the proportions till I got a lovely sweet and spicy flavour rolled in one dip.


60 gms Hung curd

12 gms Honey

1 tsp Sesame seeds

1 small green chilly

1 tsp Hot & sour sauce

Pinch of ground peppercorns



  • Add all the ingredients into a blender jar
  • Blend to a smooth dip
  • Else, you can also mix the ingredients by hand to get a comparatively coarse dip
  • Enjoy!

This is my post for the Blogging Marathon under the theme, ‘Condiments’.


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  1. Srivalli Jetti says:

    This dip sounds interesting Sowmya, not sure if my kids will like sweet dips..but its surely worth trying. Even I have been wanting to make Dukkah for a while now and keep postponing for future. However I demand you make some bread for me and come..hehehe

    1. Sowmya:) says:

      It is not sweet….it is a nice blend of sweet & spicy. Do try! Next Chennai trip is definitely with a loaf for you!

  2. This is one dip which is very interesting , and different . Sowmya you completely rocked with the hung curd dips ! Awesome dear !

  3. Nalini says:

    Enjoyed your hung curd dips.This would be surely a delicious and yummy dip.

  4. harini says:

    Sounds very interesting. Hot and Sweet kind of a sauce.

  5. Priya Suresh says:

    Wow, you dished out an another interesting dip with hung curd, thats seriously very delicious and i love these sort of spicy and sweet sauces.

  6. Such an interesting dip with hung curd, love the addition of chilly and honey.

  7. Annapurnaz says:

    This tangy and spicy dip with a hint of sweetness imparted by honey must have a wonderful taste

  8. Such a beautiful b;lend of flavours. The hung curd dips you made this week were all fantastic Sowmya.

  9. Heehee Sowmya, when I chose condiments I had decided to make 3 different chili sauces and I landed up using passion fruit to make all 3 condiments. Love your different varieties of hung yogurt dips.

  10. Renu says:

    This looks nice sweet and spicy combination. Awesome Share

  11. chefmireille says:

    interesting combo of flavors though I am not a big fan of yogurt dressings

  12. This is such a yum dip. Love the sweet and rich dip.

  13. Simply Tadka says:

    Such a yummy and creamy dip.

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