Protein Rich Dishes – a mega marathon


September is here. When I think about what I did in the past 8 months this year, the answer seems to be only ‘planning’. I did not execute all of them but to my credit, I have made few hundred plans. One of them is this Mega Marathon in which my blogging family and I blog every day except Sundays for this entire month for a particular theme. I have previously participated in two such mega marathons –

September Cooking Carnival 2016 in which I blogged about 26 different soups


A to Z Baking around the world in April 2017 when I blogged about 26 different kinds of Bread

The theme this time is ‘Protein Rich Dishes’ which is a nice way for me and my family to eat more of proteins. As a vegetarian, one question I face the most is ‘What is your source of protein?’ In my quest for the answer, I decided to showcase the many sources of protein for vegetarians. So I will be blogging about a different protein each day from lentils to seeds to vegetables to flours and nuts and diary. I was happy to discover that so many dishes I regularly have are protein rich and I was not too aware of that fact. This mega marathon has already been a learning experience with my improvement in understanding how many vegetarian protein rich dishes are out there.

So join my friends and me in this adventure and discover some exciting new dishes to try.

I think it also appropriate to make a disclaimer at this point – All dishes I present in this mega marathon are made with ingredients considered ‘protein rich’. The information with regard to protein content in the ingredients are obtained mostly from the internet. These dishes will be protein rich but that does not preclude them from being calorie rich.

Let’s begin the ride then!

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