Paneer Bhurji


Paneer is one of my favorite foods and the best part about it is it goes with almost anything and everything. It makes the daughter eat faster. My usual recipe for paneer bhurji is to add whatever vegetables I have on hand and mix it with the paneer. Today I had some mushrooms and baby corn and it was another yum paneer bhurji.

So here goes –

Serves 2


Olive oil                       2 tbsp

Spring onion              8-10

Button mushrooms  8

Baby corn                     8

Cherry tomatoes        10

Paneer                            200 gms

Red chilly powder       1/2 tsp

Garam masala              1/2 tsp



  • Heat the oil 
  • Cut the spring onion into one inch size pieces and add to the oil
  • Finely cut the mushrooms and baby corns and add to the oil
  • Once the mushrooms soften, cut the tomatoes into half and add to the mix
  • Cover and cook over medium flame for 3-4 minutes
  • Scramble the panner and add to the vegetables.
  • Add the chilly powder, garam masala and salt and mix well.
  • Cook for 5 minutes
  • Enjoy with fresh rotis


This is my entry for the Blogging Marathon under the theme – Bhurji.


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  1. A best way to make kids eat veggies as well…

  2. Priya Suresh says:

    Interesting bhurji, love the addition of vegetables here.

  3. usha says:

    Bhurji has an interesting color and your choice of vegetables is interesting. I do add mushrooms to egg bhurji but have not tried it with paneer.

  4. gayathriraani says:

    The addition of mushrooms to burji is quite interesting.

  5. Amara says:

    Love the addition of mushrooms and baby corn to the bhurji. So colorful and inviting:)

  6. Pavani says:

    Delicious looking paneer bhurji.

  7. srividhya says:

    Wow mushroom and paneer. lovely combo. Great with roti naa

  8. I love paneer bhurji.Perfect to pair with roti.

  9. harini says:

    We love paneer burji with rotis or as sandwich filling.

  10. I like how you have used other vegetables in your paneer bhurji.

  11. a hearty bowl with all the veggies you added

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