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As a South Indian who lived in Mumbai most of my life, I have been frequently irritated when people assumed that all South Indians were ‘Madrasis’ without understanding the significant cultural and linguistic differences between the four southern states. Later, when I moved to Chennai and then to Bangalore I realized that the reverse was also true. The average citizen in the south is also is not aware about the differences between Punjabi and Rajasthani and Bihari culture or cuisine. Everything was bracketed under ‘North Indian’ and the revenge complete 😉

So my Thali for today is an assimilation of different North Indian states and what is generally called the ‘North Indian Thali’. This Thali usually has –

  • an option of chapati or poori 
  • One dal, almost always the yellow dal made with toor dal
  • One dry vegetable usually a toss between potatoes or lady’s fingers
  • One gravy vegetable, almost always a paneer dish
  • A raita. 
  • One sweet, popular choice is the Gulab Jamun
  • Rice – plain or jeera rice
  • Buttermilk – with the addition of roasted cumin powder, asafoetida and salt

The other items – Aam pana which is a raw mango coolant and kachoris, a spicy, fried snack and the sprouted green gram salad are my additions and are not usually found in this thali. 

I have the recipe for the Bhindi Masala here. Try it and enjoy!


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9 thoughts on “North Indian Thali

  1. Lol I loved that statement Sowmya “the revenge complete” know I never realized this until you mentioned!…love your North Indian Thali yaar..too good..

  2. I can totally understand how we feel when we are all branded as Madrasis or more commonly Idli Sambar ..been there felt that 🙂
    thali spread is simple and reminds of the simple restaurant set up thali with one farsaan and one meetha .

  3. Thats an incredible thali, i dont mind finishing that fantastic platter rite now though i have finished my lunch just few minutes back. Delicious dishes there.

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