It’s 2017 already?

This, as you can see, is the last post of this year which breezed past me like…well, a breeze. It was quite an eventful year. The daughter started school and was a lot more adjusted than I thought she would be. She switched schools mid year but yet managed to be reasonably comfortable in her new surroundings.

We moved back to India for which I have mixed feelings. There are some stuff I loved about Malaysia and others that I disliked. But I would have liked to stay a wee bit longer to visit more countries around it and enjoy the beach. On the plus side, it is awesome to be back to faster broadband and larger data limits.

I am looking forward to quite a few things in 2017. The husband and I successfully complete ten years of being married to each other. Both of us were sure we wouldn’t last this long and thought one would drive the other crazy. Well, we are both crazy and yet together. So yay to that. My mom turns 60 this year and I am sincerely hoping at least now people stop asking me if she is my sister. That’s an old joke. Stop it already even if she does look like my sister.

On the resolution front, I have only one major resolution which I think is kind of all encompassing – ‘Don’t bite more than you can chew’.

2016 has been quite sad on keeping up the commitments front. I remember a year of running around like a headless chicken with no memory of what I was running around for. Mostly the reason was my initial enthusiasm to do stuff but as I would later discover, I was not fully prepared for. So hopefully I would get back to meeting targets and under promising and over delivering.

Also, the resolution applies to me literally because as every year, this year too I have to lose weight. So I will have to bite into lesser fries, sweets and chew more veggies and fruits. Easy, huh?

On the blog front, I am not entirely happy with this year’s performance. The biggest highlight of this year was my first run on the mega marathon where I made 26 different soups in September and had an absolute ball.

I did blog regularly but because of last minute preps, I couldn’t really get myself going creatively. I was using recipes almost exactly the way it was written which is usually not the way I cook. I try and change something, experiment a little and though I won’t always succeed, I do learn a lot and have quite a bit of fun. So hopefully I will get those creative cells going in 2017.

My personal opinion is that my photography has improved, not drastically but much better than before. I took a one day photography course and benefitted quite a bit from it. I bought a DSLR before leaving from Malaysia and finally learnt how to use it like a DSLR and not a point and shoot. Though I didn’t manage to get any of my photos up on FoodGawker or Tastespottin, I would like to believe I am getting there soon.

What I really want to change in 2017 is to get out of the rut when it comes to daily cooking, I end up repeating certain veggies and certain recipes over and over. So the plan is to make new recipes with the same veggies and use 2 or more veggies in combination to increase options. Another thing I really want to do this year is bake my own bread. I had planned to do that last year too but that didn’t happen. Hopefully I do it this time round.

Another major plan for this year is to consciously use the social media more to communicate about the blog to everyone else. That has been on the anvil for long now and needs to be executed well.

I am all excited about next year and hope you are too. It is going to be fun and exhilarating with lots of food, drink and merriment.

Happy New Year!

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