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Instant Raagi Dosa

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As promised, here is the recipe for Raagi Dosa. Its healthy and tasty – a rare combination which I hold dear. The fun part of this recipe is it can be varied and ingredients replaced as per availability. So here goes –


1 cup          Raagi flour

1/4 cup      Rice flour

1/4 cup      Wheat flour

1/4 cup      Buttermilk

1/2              Medium sized onion

8-10           Whole black pepper

Coriander leaves

Salt to taste



1. Mix all the flours together.

2. Pour in the buttermilk and some water to make it a runny batter. It should be like the rava dosa batter.

Raagi Dosa batter

3. Add the salt, onions, black pepper, coriander leaves

Raagi dosa batt

4. Your dosa is ready to be made. It does not require any sit-in or resting time. It is truly an ‘instant’ dosa.

5. Pour the batter on a hot tava just like a rava dosa. Make an outline with the batter and then fill it in so that the entire thing can be taken out as a single piece.

6. Add oil on the edges and flip after a minute to cook the other side as well.

Raagi dosa


Notes –

The rice flour and wheat flour are interchangeable. You can substitute one for the other. The wheat flour is the healthier option while the rice flour is the tastier option. So I have used a mix of the two.

If you don’t want to add the onions, pepper and coriander to the batter at the beginning, you can add them to individual dosas once they have been poured on the tava. But add these before the oil so that they will get the time to set into the dosa.

If your dosa turns out a little dry then it either needs more water in the batter or it needs to be taken out sooner from the tava.

You need to mix the batter before pouring for every dosa since it tends to sit at the bottom of the vessel.

The colour of the dosa depends on the flour mix. If you use more wheat then the dosa color would be darker as compared to using more rice flour. My dosa is colored darker because of the colors of the ragi flour (I have a dark pink colour flour…was a gift so I am not sure what and why)

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