Indo Continental Breakfast


Like I said before, I love breakfast spreads and it is a perfect way to ensure the rest of your day goes well – begin with a hearty breakfast. Usually when we travel, most hotels provide a combination of bed and breakfast. In the past two years during all our travels, the husband and I ensured we ate the breakfast lavishly because we were never sure of how our next vegetarian meal would be. Not to mention, I did typical mom things of stashing fruits and bread into my ever expanding handbag for the rest of my daughter’s meals for that day.

Though this is not my husband’s favorite breakfast (like that is surprising!), I love every bit of it. So this thali consists of popular breakfast dishes from Britain and USA that are generally bracketed under ‘Continental’ in most Indian hotels. If you asked for the continental breakfast this is what you would get.

Again, I discovered that making Thalis is not such a difficult affair. It is all about planning and executing the plan well. I took about an hour and a half to get all of it ready and we took a day and a half finishing it all up. The best part of this thali theme is the confidence I gained about preparing multiple dishes for a meal and better multi tasking skills. What a fun ride this week has been!

So this thali contains –

I am feeling full seeing this, aren’t you?

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