Dragon fruit Nutella Smoothie


I am discovering that creating a dish with Nutella is as easy as it is tough. It’s easy because Nutella pairs well with almost anything and gives it a beautiful chocolate-y touch. But it’s tough because Nutella hardly ever goes anywhere from the jar except directly into my mouth. It’s as if my hand, on auto pilot directs every spoon full of Nutella to me drooling lips or worse yet, to my daughter.

So, with astounding amount of will power on my part, I made this smoothie. Simple and quick. So here goes –

WHAT WE NEED ( for 2 medium sized glass of smoothie)

1/2 Dragon fruit

1 large banana

2-3 tbsp Nutella


Cut the dragon fruit and banana into small pieces

Add the Nutella

Blend them together and slurrp away!


This is my entry for Blogging Marathon under Nutella Galore


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