Clear Onion Soup


I am not a huge fan of clear soups. Therefore the logical conclusion is that the husband is. He does not understand why soups need to be creamy, rich purees as against light soups with lots of flavour and I fail to comprehend why I need such clear soups when water will do the trick. Plus I don’t like straining out all the veggies. I feel super guilty about wasting them. Chalk and cheese!

Since he was travelling most of the month, I indulged myself with all the creamy soups to my liking. He returned and has been cribbing for the past three days about not having clear soup. So today’s soup is for the husband.

Serves 2

Recipe adapted from here.


Olive oil                                    1 tbsp

Onion, medium                      1

Garlic cloves                            2

Carrot, medium                      1

Soy sauce                                  1-2 tsp

Chilly sauce                             1/2 tsp

Vegetable stock                      3 cups

Salt & Pepper

Button mushroom                1

Spring onion, chopped        2 tsp



  • Dice the onion, garlic and carrot
  • Heat oil and add the onion and garlic
  • Once the onion starts browning, add the carrot and fry for 1-2 minutes
  • Add the soy sauce and chilly sauce and mix well
  • Add the vegetable stock, salt and pepper and bring to a boil
  • Simmer for 12-15 minutes
  • Turn off the heat and strain the vegetables
  • Thinly slice the mushroom
  • Add mushroom slices and spring onion and serve hot
  • Enjoy!



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  1. Same here, I like creamy soups and he loves clear soups. But I don’t mind having clear soups once in a while. This soup looks so flavourful..

  2. Kalyani says:

    haha 🙂 mine is a story with a twist – I love the light and clear soups, and kids love both creamy / light soups, but the husband would steer clear of soup, unless its a formal sit-down dinner which he can’t wriggle out :p – this onion soup is being bookmarked, Sowmya !

  3. My kids love mushroom and clear soups and so this is a winner.

  4. usha says:

    I like clear soups and prefer soups that are on the lighter side to creamy soups. Soup looks flavorful!

  5. Priya Suresh says:

    Wow, this clear soup rocks and love this kind of light soups for my dinner.

  6. Suma Gandlur says:

    Seems like a flavorful one for clear soup lovers.

  7. srividhya says:

    soothing and comforting. great share.

  8. Ritu Tangri says:

    Light clear soups like this really make great appetizers

  9. Pavani says:

    Such a flavor packed onion soup.

  10. LOL on your intro!!! Its true chalk and cheese. The soup is yum

  11. Clear onion soup looks so inviting.

  12. Srivalli Jetti says:

    hahahah…what a riot yaar!..nice one by the way…I am yet to try with onions though..

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