Bell Pepper Fougasse

There is no such thing as too many breads, especially if it means a delicious bell pepper fougasse. I baked this quite a while ago but never got around to posting it. The photos do not do justice to this delicious chewy bread. Bake-a-thon is just the perfect time to dig out these long forgotten bakes and finally get around to posting them. Why I … Continue reading Bell Pepper Fougasse

Chocolate Chocochip Bread

I believe I deserve a pat on the back for discovering this dish. It is a chocolate bread with chocochips and raisins and the perfect way to bridge the gap between my need to bake yeast breads and the family’s need to eat sweet. I will be honest here – I am never satisfied with baking muffins or cookies. Though they taste good they don’t … Continue reading Chocolate Chocochip Bread

Masala stuffed Buns

I love all breads but I have a special soft corner for stuffed buns and breads. It makes for sumptuous snacks and the possibilities are endless. Stuffed buns are my favorite gateway to finish up leftovers and clear out the refrigerator. Though I did not use leftovers for this one since I had guests over but feel free to go where your imagination takes you. … Continue reading Masala stuffed Buns

Basil & Garlic Focaccia

The final dish for this week’s theme of Global Cuisine is this beautiful Basil & Garlic Focaccia. It is one of the most popular breads of Italy and has undergone so many changes over the years. The traditional focaccia does not have any toppings or hasĀ  minimal toppings with the most popular one being onion and rosemary. But over the years it has been transformed … Continue reading Basil & Garlic Focaccia