Sourdough discard Cookies

Since we have a lot of sourdough discard from all the sourdough we fed and developed, it is time to put them to good use by baking some delicious cookies. This is a quick and easy bunch of cookies to bake and we get to finish up all the discard from the refrigerator. Good deal right? This has been my go to recipe from King … Continue reading Sourdough discard Cookies

Cumin flavoured Cookies

The house is beginning to resemble a home somewhat though I have to yet be able to locate everything I packed. The good news is I figured out where the camera and laptop are and so this week’s posts are kind of better than last week’s. This is first of my three posts for the theme, ‘Savory Bakes’ that I am hosting, part of the … Continue reading Cumin flavoured Cookies

Oats Cinnamon Cookies

We are back on the cookie bandwagon and these oats cookies have a good dose of cinnamon and cashews and raisins and offer a guilt free option to those who few guilty about eating cookies. In my opinion it does not make sense to feel guilt or any negative emotion when you eat. Enjoy what you eat and have fun. Why I like these cookies? … Continue reading Oats Cinnamon Cookies

Dryfruit Cardamom Cookies

After that spicy coriander bread, today is for the sweet and simple cardamom cookies. I am not much of a sweet bake person. I love baking breads (too obvious, huh?) and other savory dishes but not so much of cookies or cakes. But surprisingly my cookies are reasonably popular whenever I bake them. I guess I should credit the recipe more and less my skills … Continue reading Dryfruit Cardamom Cookies

Rose scented Hazelnut Cookies

This is my third and final post on New Year Challenges. I have been planning forever to experiment on ideas and recipes instead of adapting other recipes. Though I am sure most flavour combinations have already been discovered and perfected, there is a thrill and satisfaction of discovering something on your own instead of simply adapting another recipe. I used to do that a lot … Continue reading Rose scented Hazelnut Cookies

Eier Kichel

  So I bought another cookbook. Yes. Despite having access to millions of recipes online, despite having bookmarked countless recipes from my co-bloggers, despite having cookbooks from which I have tried only a handful of recipes, I bought another one. In my defense…..well, I have no defense. I bought ‘The Hot Bread Kitchen Cookbook’. Aren’t you a little tempted? Accept it. I have been browsing it and … Continue reading Eier Kichel

Sugared Sables 

There are cookies and there are cookies. This one, though, should have been named buttery sables. It simply melts in your mouth, which is not surprising considering the amount of butter added. But it’s so worth it because you get such goodness rarely and it must be enjoyed. Christmas time after all! It’s a sweet, simple recipe to cookie heaven from the book, ‘500 Cookies: … Continue reading Sugared Sables