Bread Rolls


It is December which means it is Baking Time. I am super late in starting this year’s Bake-a-thon but it is my favorite event since it involves baking. It also gives me a legitimate excuse to hover around the oven peeking nervously and crossing fingers in the hope that the bread rises, the cake is baked through and there are no wet spots in the muffin. Ah Life!

I want to begin this year’s Bake-a-thon with one of my favorite dishes, the bread roll or dinner roll. The toughest thing about these rolls are keeping your hands off them once they are baked. I visited Mumbai in November after almost two years and took these for my brother who is one person who loves anything I make. It was soft and chewy that you had to grab the next one and the next.


This is a must try of I may say so myself. It is simple and easy and enhances your meal (and your waistline)! So here goes –

Adapted from here.

Makes 15 rolls


Warm milk                                240 ml

Instant dry yeast                        20 gms

Sugar                                              25 gms

Salt                                                  8 gms

Salted butter                               40 gms

Egg                                                   1

All purpose flour                         325 gms

Melted butter                                 8-10 gms


  • In a large bowl, mix milk, sugar, yeast, salt, butter and the egg
  • Add approximately 300 gms of flour and mix well with either stand / hand mixer on low speed or your hands
  • Once all the ingredients come together, add the balance flour and mix on medium speed till the dough starts pulling away from the sides of the bowl
  • The dough should be soft and slightly sticky. Additional flour can be added to reach the desired consistency but don’t add too much else the rolls will not turn out soft
  • Keep the dough in a greased bowl and cover it with a wet towel for 90 minutes
  • Take out and punch the dough and divide it into 15 parts
  • Grease a baking tray and place the rolls equidistant from each other and let rise for an hour
  • Preheat the oven to 190C
  • Place the baking tray in the oven and bake for around 12 minutes till the top of the rolls are medium brown in colour
  • Take out the rolls and brush them with melted butter
  • Serve warm or cool. These rolls can be stored for 3-4 days in plastic bags at room temperature
  • Enjoy!


This is part of the Bake-a-thon 2016

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