Bhurji and Sprouts Noodles


My cravings for the day never matches up with what needs to be cooked or the ingredients in the house. Don’t know why but I have been wanting to have some noodles for the past two days. But crazy schedules and backlogs mean that I have to cook and post on the same day for the BM.

So I have combined the theme of Bhurjis and my noodle cravings to make Bhurji noodles. I came up with the recipe as I went along and the end result was pretty lip smacking! So here goes –

Serves 2-3


Noodles (any kind)         200 gms

Olive oil                              2 tbsp

Garlic                                   2 cloves

Onion, medium                1

Mixed vegetables             1/2 cup

Moong sprouts                  1/4 cup

Eggs                                      4

Red chilly powder            1/2 tsp

Soy sauce                            1/2 tsp

Vinegar                               1/2 tsp



  • Cook the noodles as per package instructions
  • In a pan, heat the oil
  • Finely chop the garlic and onion and add them to the oil
  • The mixed vegetables can be any or all of carrots, beans, mushroom, corn, baby corn, cauliflower, cabbage, etc.
  • Once the onion is translucent, finely chop and add the mixed vegetables and sprouts and mix well.
  • Cook on medium high flame and toss regularly
  • Once the vegetables are soft, in about 3-4 minutes, move thyme to one side
  • Break and add the 4 eggs. Scramble it well and mix it with the vegetables.
  • Add red chilly powder, salt, soy sauce and vinegar.
  • Cook on medi low flame for 2-3 minutes.
  • Add the noodles and mix well
  • Simmer for 1-2 minutes.
  • Enjoy!

 This is my entry for the Blogging Marathon under the theme – Bhurji


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  1. Very innovative recipe.Lovely

  2. srividhya says:

    Love the rice noodles you used. A well packed balanced recipe. Proteins and carbs. you get all.

  3. Ritu Tangri says:

    The look of the recipe is quite inviting…. though I rarely take eggs, yet its tempting to me

  4. Nalini says:

    Noodles bhurji sounds so innovative and it’s a filling meal too..

  5. Rajani says:

    You can add anything to scrambled eggs and there… you have your own version of bhurji. amazing how we can turn it to suit our taste!

  6. annu says:

    Eggs are such a handy ingredient. One can use them in many different ways. This one looks lovely.

  7. Amara says:

    Never thought about combining those two. Dish looks very inviting.

  8. gayathriraani says:

    That is one innovative dish. Looks nice..

  9. usha says:

    Most often, the recipes we make up while cooking turn out to be the best. Good to know you got the blog recipe and your noodle cravings cooked up in one dish.. 🙂

  10. Priya Suresh says:

    Very interesting and super healthy noodles, love the addition of sprouts here.

  11. Pavani says:

    Delicious noodle salad with bhurji and sprouts.

  12. harini says:

    Interesting combo.

  13. what an innovative combo. Would have never thought of combining these 🙂

  14. Jayanthi says:

    Love burji and noodles together…looks delicious

  15. great combo and flavor profile

  16. Srivalli says:

    That’s a good mix of bhurji and noodles..must have enjoyed right..

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