Ajo Blanco


There are many types of cooks. Some are slow, other fast. Some follow the recipe to the T while others go with the flavour. Some measure diligently while others go with their estimate. I always wanted to be the latter but my estimates are so off the actual number that it is not funny. I keep trying to improve my estimation skills but there is a long way to go.

For this recipe, I picked a handful of almonds and estimated (nay, assumed) it to be 100 gms. It was 50. True story. Then I had to blanch another set of almonds and then make the soup but the extra time and effort to blanch the almonds is extremely worth it. The wonderful medley of almonds, bread and garlic chilled is a perfect meal for the evening.

Serves 3

Recipe adapted from here


Almonds                            100 gms

Slightly stale bread        75 gms

Milk                                     1/2 cup

Cold water                         500 ml

Garlic cloves                     4-5

Cucumber, medium       1/2

Extra virgin olive oil      2 tbsp

Vinegar                               2 tbsp



  • Blanch and peel almonds
  • Roast the almonds on low heat till it just starts browning. It is an optional step but totally recommended
  • Remove the crust and soak the bread in milk for 10 minutes
  • Blend the almonds and bread in a blender to a near smooth paste
  • Chop and add garlic, cucumber, olive oil and vinegar
  • Add the water and blend well
  • Chill for around 2 hours
  • Garnish with olive oil and serve chilled
  • Enjoy!



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  1. Priya Suresh says:

    Omg, such a beautiful soup, Ajo blanco looks absolutely delicious and extremely creamy.

  2. I loved it when I made it a while ago. Lovely soup.

  3. Looks so rich and creamy. That is such a beautiful soup..

  4. srividhya says:

    estimation is always tricky.. kudos the effort was all worthy. love the creamy soup.

  5. wow..this one is a rich and creamy soup, looks tempting.

  6. Kalyani says:

    wow ! chilled soups are a rage again in restaurants, am told 🙂 sounds like the spanish gazpacho (cold soups), with almonds and garlic, I bet my kids would like this !

  7. usha says:

    I use to be a cook you never stuck to the instructions and now I am the one who sticks to a recipe to T. And you know what, I am not liking it! 🙁 Soup looks creamy and amazing!!

  8. Suma Gandlur says:

    I thought it was a cheese soup until I read the ingredients. Seems like really a good creamy soup with all those almonds that went in there.

  9. Nalini says:

    That’s one rich and creamy soup..

  10. Pavani says:

    Rich, creamy and flavorful soup.

  11. Such a creamy soup recipe this is!! Perfect for winters.

  12. This soup Ajo Blanco will be hubby’s favourite soup. It contains all the stuff he likes a lot cucumber, almonds and GARLIC!
    Will definitely try it

  13. Cold almond soup sounds sp delicious. I never measure ingredients for cooking but always do that for baking .

  14. Srivalli Jetti says:

    hehehe…assumptions run the kitchen most times yaar..I love the look of that soup and the name even more interesting..

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