Stuffed Idli

This series seems to be one of hasty phone pictures. History repeated itself, as it often does in my house, when the daughter and husband claimed to be so hungry that waiting even for a second was impossible. It is so weird that there are days when I have the meal ready way before time and they would take forever to come and eat while there are other days when all I need is 10 minutes to click few photos but they would rant and rave and gobble up the meal before I take out the camera.

Today’s dish for the theme of ‘Stuffed Dishes’ is the ubiquitous idli. Idli has undergone so many variations and modifications yet it manages to retain its traditional charm. I decided to use up the last few ladles of my idli batter and some leftover veggies in making this stuffed idly. The veggies were left over from the pasta I made few days ago and so had carrot,golden corn,mushroom and capsicum. Needless to say, I was rewarded with beaming faces and a clean refrigerator. What more to ask for?

Makes 8 idlis

2 cups Idli Batter

1/4 cup cooked vegetables of your choice




  • If you don’t have any cooked vegetables, then sauté whatever veggies you plan to stuff the idli with in some oil till they are almost done and set aside
  • Take a large pan / idli vessel / pressure cooker and fill it with some water and put it on the gas to medium low
  • Grease the idli moulds with little oil
  • Pour the idli batter to fill half of the idli mould
  • Put in the veggies on top of the idli batter and pour some additional batter to cover the veggies
  • Steam for 10 minutes and let is rest for another 5 minutes
  • Unmould and serve hot
  • Enjoy with your favourite chutney, sambhar or as is


  1. I have tried this with multiple leftover dry veggies and all work. My favourite is the leftover masala from making masala dosas. They are very tasty when stuffed into the idli batter

This is my post for the Blogging Marathon under the theme, ‘Stuffed Dishes’.


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19 thoughts on “Stuffed Idli

  1. Well, that always keeps happening in all Food blogger’s home I guess…so you have company Sowmya. In the initial period, I used to hear complains that I felt the blog was more important than their hungry takes time for them to accept and now before they can gobble, they do ask if the clicks are done..I love these stuffed idlis and used to enjoy making them for breakfast!


  2. I do varieties of stuffed idlies and its quite our family favourite. Yours looks very colourful and catchy as well. Well done Sowmya.


  3. This is why I do the cooking when no one is at home. So that I can click them leisurely. Stuffed idlis were in my list for this week, but then paniyarams happened and so these went to the back burner. this is a nice way to use up leftovers and they sound absolutely yum..


  4. I love this stuffed version. My family has still not accepted the stuffed idli concept. I have to make this without their knowledge and just force feed them 🙂


  5. So True, at times I get really worried if I would have the time to click, as my family is hungry. Healthy Idli’s


  6. idli though I enjoy it when I eat out – I am yet to try at home except for once when I forgot to grease the plates and it was a mess – need to try my hand at it again


  7. Lovely kids friendly idli.. kids love variations in their food and this is one of them!!


  8. You have company Sowmya! Right from we being ready with meals and people showing up late to the dish finishing off before the cam is out, it is the same here!! This idli sure looks like a nice variation from the regular ones and probably I can coax my lil one into eating this because it looks so good with the vegetables studded in the idli!


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